Service – Quality Control of Proteins and Peptides

  • Fee-for-Services in Qualitiy Control
    The Proteome Factory offers several services for quality control of peptides, recombinant and therapeutic proteins and monoclonal antibodies. The comprehensive service portfolio includes services like protein identification, protein sequencing, determination of protein mass and determination of purity by HPLC or mass spectrometry. In addition modifications can be analyzed like disulfide bridges and post-translational modifications.
    Proteome Factory’s quality management ensures contemporary, high quality and reproducible standard analyses. The SOPs (standard operating procedures) are applied to all standard analyses in fee-for-services as well as research projects.
    The results of the quality control analysis are documented in a standardized report. Raw data can be provided on request.
  • Proteome Factory offers a comprehensive protein analytical portfolio for analysis of recombinant proteins, protein drugs and monoclonal antibodies which are routinely performed by Proteome Factory’s experts. You can find here an overview. On request customer specific analysis methods and technologies can be established, developed or advanced according to your requested requirements.

Please, contact us if you intend to

  • outsource your existing protein and peptide analysis.
    outsource quality control because this is more economic and time-saving than to build up an internal protein analytical lab.
    outsoure analyses because you have a bottleneck in your analytical capacities.

Pricing for standard services

We provide high quality protein analysis
to serve your demands in professional protein analysis, quality control and product testing in research and development.
Please, contact us for discussion of your specific analytical problem and providing an individual quote.

Proteome Factory’s comprehensive protein analytical service portfolio and technologies can be used for quality control of your samples and products to solve different problems and requirements.

Analytical Problem
Analysis and characterization of protein containing products and batches (e.g. comparison of product batches)
Sequencing of complete proteins (analysis of primary protein structure)
Analysis of the composition of complex protein mixtures in products (protein display)
Comparison of complex protein mixture (e.g. for product comparison)
Analysis of protein and peptide stability e.g. after freeze-thawing cycles, light irradiation, oxidation
Analysis of the pharmacokinetic of protein and peptides, e.g. antibodies
Assistance for optimisation of fermentation and production by protein analysis