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About us

Proteome Factory AG is located in the Dorotheenstraße downtown Berlin near by the German parliament Reichstag . Famous scientists like Alexander von Humboldt, Robert Koch , Emil du Bois-Reymond, Hermann Helmholtz, James Frank, Gustav Hertz, Walter Nernst, Wilhem Wien, and Max Planck stayed at the historical buildings in this quarter which now belongs to the Charité.

In the spirit of this big scientists young enterprises develop innovative technologies in the medicine technology and the clinical pharmacology in close cooperation with the Humboldt University and Charité. Also did Proteome Factory as the company was founded in November 2000 as a modern biotech company specialized in proteomics and target validation.

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We still keep go on following one simple idea which is our inspiration for our work: there is always a more efficient way to reach good results of analysis. Efficiency means the combination of intelligent solutions by low cost. The efficiency of our technologies is proofed every day: we use them ourselfes and improve currently.

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